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Dedicated to filling empty arms of parents who have lost a baby, one bear at a time!


“Better than I ever could have imagined! I remembered as soon as I held my bear exactly how our son had felt & I really cannot thank you enough for the comfort you have brought to us. People like you make a real difference to us angel mommies. The letter you included was such a beautiful touch & I will treasure it always along with my Logan Bear”  -michellelacey78


 “I can’t even tell you how comforting this bear is. We lost my nephew, Drew, to SIDS a few weeks ago and it’s just so nice to hold something that’s the same size he was when he passed away” -Jessmerling


“The bear weighs as much as my son did at his death. It is completely beautiful and she made it with pure love. I used to work with Andi so when I found out it was her making the weighted bears it made me happy because I know how she is and I know she puts her love in everything she touches. I lost my three month old to cancer and I miss holding him so much now I cuddle with the bear when I'm grieving it's been 36 days without him but holding something that weighs as much as him when I sleep is comforting. One teddy I cuddle with the other teddy my little 5yr old has been cuddling with cause we used to all nap together these two bears I appreciate my family appreciates it Thank you.” – Erika Shaw


“I ordered for my Granddaughter's Mommy, who recently had a stillbirth. This bear has been healing for the parents and my 4 year old Granddaughter. They call her Sister Bear. I also found your FB page and was able to share the site with her. It has all been tremendously healing for them. Thank you for what you do & providing comfort to those who lost a child.” – Julia Sands


  “Thank you so much for my Jennah bear. My daughter Jennah was born sleeping on June 15th and I have longed to feel her in my arms since the moment we said goodbye. I had heard about weighted bears and knew I had to find one. I received my bear much faster than I anticipated and I could not be more thankful. The letter you enclosed with my bear brought tears to my eyes and I know she was made with love. Thank you so much!” - Patti

 “I can't even express how beautiful my sisters Hunter bear is. The custom shirt and how soft he is couldn't be more perfect. Watching my sister open the box and holding him was a very emotional moment. It immediately provided comfort for her. She held hunter bear during the entire funeral service. Thank you so much for shipping it as fast as you did so she had it for the service. I'm so happy I found you” - Tia


 “I bought this bear shortly after my daughter died at 2 months old. A book I was given recommended it. I have been having a hard time with loosing her. My mother had a stroke and a bad fall and was in the hospital for the last week and her right arm is paralyzed. Because of all the stress and constant calls from the hospital I ended up in a car accident yesterday. This bear arrived when she went into the hospital and I opened it the day of the accident when I was having a full blown meltdown. My heart just won't stop racing and this little bear helps. I don't know the science behind it but it works. I love it.” – Foster1112

“We absolutely love this bear! The timeliness and care of this company was amazing. They were able to provide the exact weight of our sweet Rory. I sent them a message on Sunday night, and we had the bear on Friday. Wonderful! Highly recommend!” – Molly

 “My madi bear was absolutely perfect, the shop owner is absolutely wonderful to work with, if you've suffered from stillbirth then this is a life savior, I've recommended multiple people to this shop!!!” - Ami

“A week ago my mom was in town and we went to pick up ingredients to make cookies. As I took the 4 lb sack of sugar out of the bag I found myself kind of cradling it and thinking about how Ben was just a little heavier than that. That's when I knew I had to order one of these bears. It got delivered within a week of ordering and is good quality and soft. I will forever cherish it.” –Ben’s Mom

“I purchased one of these for a dear friend of say that it's special is a huge understatement. Upon opening the box (to get it ready to be wrapped), at first glance, I sobbed. It wasn't just a bear. But a precious, beautiful, symbol of her sweet baby boy. I can't thank you enough. 💗” – Bethany